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On a beautiful, sun-filled weekend, Raven Kindred North and many of our dearest friends, came together on Cape Cod to join as one voice in honoring Asa-Thor.

The weekend began with a BANG! Unfortunately, it was not the type of 'bang' we would have preferred as Gunn Oberg was involved in a serious accident on his way to join us. Gunn was unscathed, but his new car would need to spend a few days waiting for new tires and a couple of wheels.
So while it was unfortunate that his car was damaged, the fact that he walked away without a scratch was welcomed news. And as this would be the day we came together to honor the great protector, Thor Odinsson, somehow it seemed to make sense.

On Saturday, folks began to arrive at the home of our hostess, Dot Andersen, aka: The Great Dorff! With her husband, Mark, currently touring the beer kellers of Germany, Dot stepped forward and offered to take on the hosting duties herself. As always, she made all feel welcome.

Our friends, the Bennetts, arrived with 2 kegs of Aaron's remarkable homebrew. He had prepared 2 styles of IPA - the perfect brew for a warm summer day. By the wee morning hours, both kegs were drained (an honor to any homebrewer!) And Aaron honored us by offering his beer for the blot.

In the late afternoon, the folk gathered on the front lawn to sit and discuss Thor. As expected, the conversation began with a retelling of the adventure that Gunn had been through, and many a hearty "HAIL THOR!!" resounded when the tale was finished. We also pointed out how a friend of ours was also on his way to join us at the Cape a couple of years ago, when he, too, was involved in an accident where he walked away - an accident that involved another car going airborne and landing on top of our friend's car!

After discussion we all took a short break, then gathered around the firepit. Gunn built and maintained a small fire for us (it was way too hot out for any type of bonfire!)
We then began, as is our tradition, with kinsman Jon reciting the Creation Myth, then leading us in a slow, drawn out chant of "Odin-Vili-Ve", three times. Then followed the Hammer Hallowing, which our friend, Aaron Bennett, graciously agreed to perform.

When it was time to call forth to Asa-Thor, I felt that no meditation, or 'special words' would be needed to help create that connection between the folk and the gods that I feel is so important to have during blot. Everyone standing at that fire knew what one of our own had been through only hours before. That act seemed to create all the connection we would need.

Then the call went forth to Red Beard as we asked that our words be heard as we spoke them over the horn, layering them in the Well.

As she would for each round, Sandi raised the pitcher of homebrew and filled the drinking horn. Then, as the horn made its way around the gathered folk, words were sent forth in honor of Thor, Defender of Asgard. I was filled with pride when the horn made its way to my son, Gunn, and he raised it in thanks for his life. The cracking in his voice made it clear to all that his words were heartfelt and tru.
We followed the god round with many words of praise for our Ancestors, for they are the ones closest to us - the ones who, through their efforts and sacrifices, made us who we are.
The final round was 'open'. Many toasts went out to our host, our community, loved ones far-flung, and we were honored by those that were directed at RKN.

Kindred members in attendance then stepped forth to place our hands upon our oath ring to re-affirm our oaths, one-to-the-other.

Then to finish in our traditional ways, Thor was thanked for his presence before we processed to the base of the tree where we pour forth the ale carrying our words into the Well as we recite.... "From the Gods, to the Earth, to Us. From Us, to the Earth, to the Gods. A Gift for a Gift."

Blot was followed with a magnificent feast. Summertime favorites like burgers and dogs were grilled and Dorff made her special 'American Chop Suey'. And a variety of different chicken sausages spiced-up the meal.

Later on, some folks made their way home, and those of us spending the night stayed outside enjoying the company until the bugs got the better of us. The very warm day, plus a fun-filled gathering served to drain the energy levels, as bedtime arrived for most of us earlier than the norm.

We awoke the next morn to discover that the Godplate that we had left outside had been 'enjoyed'. Not a speck of food could be found.

Hail Thor!!
Hail Raven Kindred North!
Blot officiated and report prepared by: Rick
Members in Attendance: Sandi, Dave, Jeff, Jon and Rick
Pictures (courtesy of Dorff): http://tinyurl.com/65j4fz6
Next Month: Tyrblot then ECT!!
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