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This past Saturday, November 19th, 2011 Raven Kindred North and friends gathered once again in Sandwich, Massachusetts to honor the Einherjar. This particular blot is always one of the most solemn occasions held by RKN and although, as is typical of a RKN gathering, there is plenty of feasting and merriment this is the time that we remember and give thanks to those that have sacrificed everything to make it possible for us to do so.

Some folks arrived on Friday night to socialize and help prepare the feast for the next day. Most others arrived throughout the day on Saturday. This event would also include a good sized invasion of dogs as well with 7 dogs and puppies in attendance. Luckily we have a fenced in backyard to let them all run around in. It was a windy yet warm day for November and most of us spent the day outside. I started out my day by clearing the ritual area and getting a fire started. For inspiration I read a book on the American revolution in particular the chapter about the battles of Lexington and Concord where the "shot heard round the world" was given in defiance of tyranny by the Massachusetts "Minuteman" Militia.

We tapped a keg of Zoiglbier for our guests and host alike to enjoy and spent the afternoon socializing, snacking on appetizers, and some enjoying a stogie. Blot began right around sundown. First drink of mead was offered to the Allfather Odin. As has become our tradition, we then read off the names of the fallen soldiers from New England for the past year. This was followed by a reading of the fallen Canadian soldiers read by our Canadian friend Tim Shanks. One round of heartfelt toasts were then given in honor of the Einherjar, fallen soldiers, family members that have served, etc. I can't begin to recall all of them. I know I was lucky to be facing the beautiful American WWII flag that Dana Runkle had brought with her that we had hung on the side of the house not too far from the firepit. My toast went out to the Minutemen who had fallen at the battles of Lexington and Concord followed by a toast by my kinsman Rick in gratitude to all of those that have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we could have the freedom to gather and practice our religion of Asatru without fear of repression. This thought would remain with us as we finished our ceremony and proceeded inside to enjoy the incredible feast prepared for us by those who don't get enough credit for all they do at our events. I speak of my wife Dorothy and Pat and Sandi and everyone else who helps them out at all in getting the feast ready.

And what a feast it was! Pork Shoulder, Sheppard's pie, Brussel Sprouts, and numerous other scrumptios dishes. All accompanied by homebrewed Zoigl and Stout, excellent store bought ales, and even an appertif of Italian Grappa at the end to help digest it all. Us heathens know how to be thankful but we also know how to make the most of the freedom that we've been given by enjoying the best things in life with gusto.

May we never forget those that have made it possible!

Hail the Einherjar!!!
Blot report prepared and blot officiated by: Mark
Kindred in attendance: Bill, Sandi, Dave, Jeff, Jon, Rick, Mark, and Sean.
Next month: Yule!
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